We keep the lights on and the gas flowing, plus lots more!

Vector is the largest energy infrastructure provider in New Zealand and it's our job to make sure that homes and businesses have electricity and gas, along with other services that make people's lives easier and our economy strong.

We support homes and businesses throughout Auckland by managing the overhead power lines that feed electricity into buildings. This means that you have what you need to do everyday things like turn on the lights, cook dinner, watch the television, fire up the BBQ, make a hot drink and warm up the house in winter; and that shops and businesses can do all of the things they need to as well.

We also process gas in Taranaki, then move it throughout the country so that people have the gas they need to live and work. And on top of that we have a growing technology side to our business – we provide telecommunications services to businesses within Auckland, and we're doing a lot of interesting work on new things like solar energy, and powering electric vehicles.

Overall we have more than 700,000 customers across the country and are one of the top five companies on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. 

Caring for our community and putting safety first

Vector is proud to be New Zealand owned, and we care about our country and the people who live here. Safety is very important to us, which is why we want to teach you about how to stay safe around our networks and the assets we manage, as well as being sensible with your energy use to protect our planet. Once you understand how to avoid potential dangers and what you can do to help save energy at home and at school, it's up to you to share your knowledge with friends and family.

We would love to hear from you about any questions you might have or just anything you'd like to share with us about how you've managed to save energy or things you've discussed in class. You can write Zot a letter or send him an email if you prefer.

If there's anything else you would like to know about us at Vector, take a look around www.vector.co.nz